Student Clubs

GEP Club

"Our mission is to connect students and staff within the Geography, Environment, and Planning major through social events, educational pursuits, environmental campaigns, and volunteer opportunities."

The club sponsors various events, including academic lectures and social gatherings, intended to foster community and good times along students with similar interests at SSU. The club regularly plans potlucks, hikes, camping trips and educational tours of local environmental organizations. These events provide students with opportunities to network and keep up with the latest changes in their field. 

Meetings are generally held every Tuesday in the Map Library (STEV 3065) from 1:30-2:30pm (announcements sent out via the GEP listserv and Instagram). The meeting time is used to plan events and discuss issues of general interest to the group. Anyone interested in Geography, Environment, and Planning and having fun is encouraged to come! 


Vice President

Faculty Sponsor

Elif Myers Sophia Pruden Professor Hernández-Ayala