Degree Programs

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environment

  • Society, Environment, and Development
  • Environmental Systems
  • Geospatial Analysis and Technology
  • Sustaibable Communities
  • Planning for Sustainable Communities

Minor in Geography and Environment

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

  • Energy Management and Design

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning (GEP) was created in Fall 2017 and reflects a merger of two departments: the Department of Geography and Global Studies, and the Department of Environmental Studies and Planning (ENSP). The new Department's mission is to promote excellence in teaching and research across five areas of focus:  human-environment conflict and collaboration, building resilience with environmental systems, the application of geospatial and quantitative analyses to solving complex environmental and societal problems, management and planning for community and environmental sustainability, and urban planning. We prepare students for careers in environmental professions, for graduate studies, and for their role as informed and thoughtful global citizens.

Beginning in Fall 2018, a new Geography and Environment BA major was offered. Current students in the ENSP or Geography major were/are able to change to the new major, or keep their original major in either Environmental Studies and Planning or Geography. The existing BS in Environmental Studies, Energy Management and Design study plan will continue through 2018-2019.